We believe that one should show more respect. This includes respect for oneself and one’s fellow human beings, animals, environment, as well as products and services. After all, mutual respect forms the basis for peaceful coexistence. The idea SHOW RESPECT and the associated label SHOW RESPECT APPROVED emerged from that principle. SHOW RESPECT is a non-profit organization with the aim to promote mutual respect. To achieve this goal, we implement campaigns and support projects that deserve more respect.

The seal of approval SHOW RESPECT APPROVED

There are many product labels but which one really holds what it promises? We have created a label that acknowledges projects, concepts, products and services that can be bought with a clear conscience.

In order to receive the SHOW RESPECT APPROVED seal, three sets of criteria must be fulfilled:

Respect for the environment (ecological sustainability)

Respect towards humans and animals (corporate ethic)

Respect towards the product specifications (product ethics)

An excellent product deserves RESPECT in its overall assessment.